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history of Martinsville School
      Martinsville School began with a deed recorded in 1894 by J.D. Martin. Throughout the many years, Martinsville has seen changes not only in the school, but also in the community. The school then was tiny compared to what it is now.
       One of the first school buildings on the land was a large room with a wall that folded through the middle and made two classrooms. Around 1912, a bond was passed to build a new school building. It was a three-room structure with a stage on one side of the length of the building. During the 'Depression' years of 1931 and 1932, the gym was built with the help of Works Progress Administrastion (W.P.A.) workers. In 1931, the Libby School merged with Martinsville, and the first school bus ran. Three years later, Mt. Moriah consolidated with Martinsville. On December 10, 1934, the schoolhouse burned, and classes were then taught in the gym and the local Church of Christ. In 1936, the 'white building' was rebuilt, and many changes were made, such as the addition of the indoor restrooms and cold water fountains.
       The Spring Hill School merged with Martinsville in 1941, and in 1944, part of Swift and Shady Grove School also consolidated with Martinsville. The P.T.A. was organized for the second time in the early 1950s, then, in 1964, the school became independent and had its first tax assessor and collector. 1974 saw Martinsville join the University Interscholastic League (U.I.L.). The 1974-1975 school year was the last time students would attend only through the tenth grade. After 81 years, during the 1975-1976 shcool year, Martinsville became a first through twelfth grade school. The following year, the Athletic Booster Club was chartered, and the next year built a tennis court and donated it to the school.
       The balance of the '70s, and the 1980s saw continued growth at Martinsville as a new ag shop and administration building were constructed. Improvements in facilities continued through the 1990s as enrollment steadily increased. The parking lot was paved, a new Junior High School wing was added, and to cap off the millenium, a new multi-use building was completed. It included a cafetorium, music wing, administration wing, computer lab, library, and gymnasium.
       The school year of 1999-2000 saw the beginning of a developed nature trail dedicated to the education of all students in an outdoor setting. The trail takes students and community on a loop through hillside and bottomland terrain with its varied flora and fauna. The community also made possible the planting of native trees around the newly finished building. Each group of students, from kindergarten through 12th grade, dedicated one of these live oaks, red maples, southern sugar maples, or bald cypresses to their graduating class. A new softball field and a new baseball field completed the additions to the variety of outdoor activities made available for students.
       September 24th of 2005 put into motion the next major changes to take place on the Martinsville campus. Hurricane Rita was downshifting from a Category 1 hurricane to a tropical storm as the eye passed by just a few miles to the east of campus. When all was said and done, the 1932 gymnasium was damaged beyond repair. The structure was raised in July of 2006, and groundbreaking for a new building took place in the fall. The new building was ready for the beginning of school, 2007, and houses the junior high classes (grades 7 & 8), a computer lab, faculty work room, and administrative offices.